The Right Band

If you know what you want - Great!. We can negotiate the arrangements , often at a price substantially lower than you could get on your own. If you aren't sure what you want - no problem. We can provide you with an endless possibility of choices, in all price ranges and musical styles. From what's hot , who's new, and especially important who all is available for your date or dates. From single entertainers to big bands to regional acts to National acts. Houston's Live Music is your most complete source of Live entertainment anywhere.

Comprehensive Service

Do you know what the electrical requirements for a band are? The necessary stage size? Sound and light requirements? No? Well, don't worry. We supervise and coordinate these and other aspects of each and every show, so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Personal on Hands Expertise

Most booking agents consider the job complete when the contract is signed. Not us. Personal supervision and follow up is our trademark, to make sure the job is done with complete expertise to insure our clients, they never have to worry about anything, once we're on the job, that's why 90% of our business is repeat business or referal customers.

The Right Price

Most bands don't have any set price that they will perform for, they change with what the market will bare. Our years of On Hands Expertise and Experience allow us to get straight to the bands bottom line, to ensure you the customer, a fair price.

We're Always Right Here For You

Taking care of corporate parties, club bookings , concerts, festivals, private parties, fratt parties, wedding receptions, any and all special events, where live music is needed, is our expertise. Just turn it over to us, sit back and relax.

Houston's Live Music, Inc.

We can take care of every detail for you, or handle just what your special event requires us to. Need a place, need lights, need sound, need bands, need coordinators. Whatever your needs, you name it, we can handle every aspect of your function. Our promise to our customers, is that we will not book a band, unless we've seen their show, Live, First. We do this to screen our acts, to insure you as the customer, get the very best in live entertainment, available anywhere.